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Esperanza for Puerto Rico

On the weekend of September 17th, 2017, the national weather center rang the alarm about the danger that Hurricane Maria presented for the Caribbean, especially for the island of Puerto Rico.

The forecasts were scary. Some of the adjectives used to describe what was coming were: catastrophic, apocalyptic, unprecedented.

The people on the island made every possible preparation to face Hurricane Maria, but they were never ready, because they did not have a clear point of reference to help them prepare. This would be the first time in more than 5 generations that Puerto Ricans would face a storm of this magnitude.
From the distance, the sons and daughters of Puerto Rico, the diaspora, lived a different kind of anxiety. Concerned about our families and friends; asking someone to help us secure our property on the island. Wondering what would be our people if this monster really came as predicted given all the economic and socio-political challenges already impacting the island.

On the morning of September 20th, it was clear that Maria would have a direct impact on the island. The skies turned gray. Nature turned silence. And as my mom told me that night the last time I spoke with her before the hurricane, "it smelled like a storm was coming." (And if you have ever experienced this smell, you know how horrible it feels).

When the sun came down, the winds began to blow, and Hurricane Maria made its entrance to Puerto Rico in darkest hours of the night, engulfing the whole island with winds of more than 175 miles per hour and more than 40 inches of rain.
An 18-hour Calvary that changed the life of the Puerto Rican people forever.

To date, more than 75 direct deaths related to Mary have been reported, but it is believed that we will never really know how many were lost because of the government's lack of responsible accounting. More than 500 are feared dead.
The infrastructure of the island collapsed. Every single household lost electricity, drinking water, communications and more than 250.000 families were directly impacted. Approximately 100.00 homes are destroyed. And, 100% of the crops were lost and the economy is paralyzed.

After Maria, Puerto Ricans on the island did not have a clear idea of the magnitude of the damage, as there were no communications. But the diaspora and the rest of the world, like the experience of the prophet Nehemiah, received news and witnessed the destruction as it occurred.

That night, and for many nights – like many of you, I did not sleep, stuck on television watching the news of the devastation – images that stole our breath and caused moments of much sadness and intense groans of grief for our people.
To the misery, it was added the despair of not knowing about our families on the island. The famous saying "No news is good news", did not console us because we knew that even if they wanted, people on the island could not communicate. Some of us had to wait up to 30 days to hear news of our loved ones.

And as if all this were not enough, also it was added the lack of humanity, solidarity and empathy of some U.S. government officials including the President, who with their comments, decisions and reprehensible acts, violated the dignity of the Puerto Rican people.
As with the Prophet Nehemiah in light of the devastation of Jerusalem, there has been many of us who have wept and mourned the suffering of Puerto Rico, and the other places impacted by natural disasters.

There have been many who have gone on our knees before God, and shed tears for our beloved island.
There have been many who have fasted and had vigils in favor of Puerto Rico, whether we planned it, or because we simply lost our appetite or the anguish stole our sleep.

There have been many, like the prophet Nehemiah, who have cried out to the Lord: "I pray you, Lord, to hear the prayer of the Puerto Rican people and help me mobilize others to make a positive difference at this challenging time."
Well, today, I bring good news from God, for the Puerto Rican people on the island, and for diaspora: God has heard our cry, and for that reason, even in the midst of destruction and devastation, we can boldly proclaim: PUERTO RICO has hope, tiene ESPERANZA.

PUERTOR RICO HAS HOPE, because its people have resilient spirits, and with courage are already rebuilding their homeland.  

PUERTO RICO has hope, because as it happened with the prophet Nehemiah, in the face of this difficult situation, God is sensitizing men and women, institutions and entire communities to be part of God’s movement for the restoration and renovation of PR into the future.
Similar to the story of the Prophet Nehemiah, many are being filled with courage and confidence in God's faithfulness and provision, that are providing leadership and organizing initiatives in favor of the people of Puerto Rico. Some big…some small..yet all great.

PUERTO RICO has hope, because many, like the United Methodist people of Greater New Jersey, have declared that "when a part of the body hurts, the whole body is hurt", and beginning with our Bishop, John Schol, and the leadership of our conference, we have proclaimed that PUERTO RICO will rise again, and that we are committed to being an active part of what God will do in the years ahead.
Puerto RICO has hope, because the beautiful people of GNJ are overflowing in generosity for the Puerto Rican people. Our congregations today have already raised more than a quarter of a million dollars in favor of hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean – half of everything collected will go to help the renovation of Puerto Rico.

PUERTO RICO has hope because in the months and years to come, hundreds of disciples of GNJ will join others and mobilize to PR to help with the work of reconstruction.
PUERTO RICO has ESEPRANZA because in the face of the pain of our people, the barriers that divide us are coming down, and together with people of other nationalities, Christian and religious traditions, and community groups we are joining in purpose in favor of the welfare of those who are suffering.

PUERTO RICO has hope, because there are people like Pastor Sammy Arroyo and his congregation, who are opening their doors for events like ESPERANZA FOR PUERTO RICO Food and Supplies Drive, this weekend.
PUERTO RICO has hope, because there are people like Pastor Rolando Santiago, who has been planning the logistics of the event.

PUERTO RICO has hope, because there are people like the Rev. Eunice Vega Perez, and pastor Jazelis Adorno, who with much love organized the ESPERANZA FOR PR Day of Prayer.
PUERTO RICO has hope, because of congregations like Oasis UMC in Pleasantville who are welcoming and supporting those relocating to their community from PR.  

PUERTO RICO has hope, because there are people like brother Luis De Jesus, who organized leaders in his community for a time of prayer to raise awareness about the needs of the Puerto Rican people.
PUERTO RICO has hope, because organizations like MARCHA, are advocating, in and out of the church, for fair and equitable processes and laws for PR in this time of great need.

PUERTO RICO has hope, because there are people like Maria Novoa, from El Mesías UMC in Long Branch, who when out into the streets in her neighborhood to collect donations and has been working all weekend, presenting her sleeplessness to God as a sacrifice of praise, since she arrived at 9 am every day after working all night at her job.
PUERTO RICO has hope, because there are children, in schools in the community of Hightstown, who offered their lunch money, a few coins and dollars, so that children in PR have something to eat.

PUERTO RICO has hope because of a little girl that inspired by the call to generosity made by her pastor open a lemonade stand that raised $250 for hurricane victims, which inspired her congregation to extravagant generosity that translated into $25,000.
Puerto Rico has hope, because there are girls like Valeria, who voluntarily and without anyone asking her, donated part of the toys she received on her birthday last week, so that children in Puerto Rico have a toy to play this Christmas.

PUERTO RICO has hope because there are young people like Anthony and Chester, who showed up every day this weekend, the first to arrive, the last to leave-simply because they wanted to help
PUERTO RICO has hope, because of people like you, that offer your time on a cold autumn night, to proclaim in community God's hope for those who suffer and have needs in the world.
The walls of Jerusalem came down. But thank God for the Prophet Nehemiah, who moved by the Holy Spirit, mobilized the people into action, and helped repair the city and restore the community.

Puerto Rico is devastated, but the spirit of Puerto Ricans is not. And thanks to the solidarity of the Nehemiah’s of today and the active faith of United Methodist of Greater New Jersey and beyond and our community partners – that will conspire with God in the renovation of the island.
PUERTO RICO HAS ESPERAZNA, for as the Lord declared to the Israelite people in their time of despair, the Spirit declares today: "I know the plans I have for you…Puerto Rico." "They are plans for your good, so that you have a future full of hope."

To learn ways you can help ESPERANZA FOR PUERTO RICO, visit: 


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