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Do You Love Me?

R ead John 21:15-18 | My wife and I, have four children – three boys and a girl. Valeria came last. So not only is she the princess, but she is also the baby of the house. When Valeria was born, having been a parent to three boys, I though, I had things figured out – that I was an expert, especially at children bait and switch techniques. “Daddy, do you love me? Yes, Fabian I love you – can you buy me a Nintendo? Good try – go play outside.”  “Daddy, do you love me? Yes, Joel – you daddy loves you a lot – can I sleep over my friend’s house? On a school night? Get out of here boy! “Daddy, do you love me?, Of course I love you Marcos – can I get new ear buds for my phone, really? Be thankful you have a phone!” There was no bait, sweet enough to catch me. Then, came Valeria – princess Valeria. I remember people used to tell me. “You are in trouble Hector, girls have a way with daddy.” Not me – I was tough. Three boys. Soccer players. Boys Scouts – I felt unbreakable.  “Dad