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When Things Don't Go Well

Do you like ice cream? Has it ever happened to you, that on a very hot day, you go to the store to buy an ice cream, and once you buy it, and start enjoying it, suddenly, BOOM! it falls to the floor? Well, it happened to me recently, and I must confess that it did not feel good at all. It was hot, I was really craving ice cream, and I had no more cash with me and the store did not accept credit cards, so I ended going back home disappointed…and without ice cream. --- How nice it would be if everything in life went well, right? If we never had to face the realities of failure, or the frustration and discouragement that we feel when things don’t go as we had hoped. When I was serving in the local church, as a pastor, every day I witnessed many things that did not go well. Marriages destroyed. Fragmented families. Dreams that did not come true. Friendships that ended abruptly. Unemployment that created financial crises. Diagnoses of catastrophic disease that bring our world upside down