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Friendliness is not the Same as Hospitality

I am an introvert. It can sometimes be difficult for me to find my way around large groups or crowds, especially when I don’t know people, or when the group of people I am trying to connect with has a “close/tied” relationship with one another. While over the years I have acquired different relational tools to help me navigate this aspect of who I am, it can sometimes still be a challenge. When I started serving as a District Superintendent, I set a goal of visiting all the congregations in my district in 2 years. During these visits, I wanted to worship with the congregations and get to know their leaders, but I also wanted to learn about their hospitality practices. Sadly, on several occasions, my experience as a visitor (sometimes as a “special guest”) was not very good. On one visit, I managed to enter and exit the worship service without anyone noticing/acknowledging my presence. In all these instances, I observed congregants being nice to one another and relating well to each oth