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New Year: What will be your Attitude?

We are barely a few hours from the end of 2017. A year, which like others, has brought us joys and sorrows; successes and failures; challenges and innumerable blessings. With the imminent arrival of a new year, regularly, most people, we take time to look forward and we wonder what the future will bring. Contemplating the future, can be something that fills us with much joy and expectations, but, also, it can be something that causes us anxiety and even fear. For some, the future may seem to be full of opportunities, but for others, the future is presented with challenges and complications. Then, in the face of uncertainty about the future (with its opportunities and challenges), it is very important that as disciples of Jesus Christ, we assume the correct attitude. We may not be able to do much to change the circumstances we must face in life, but, THE ATTITUDE with which we face them - MAKES AN ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE.