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For Every Giant there is a Stone

Read in the Bible: 1 Samuel 17:32-47 Almost 5 years ago, our region was hit by Hurricane Sandy - an unprecedented storm for this generation here in NJ. For many, this was the first time they felt the force of the sea and the winds as it manifested during the afternoon and evening of that October 29 th . The day after the storm, we all woke up to new and somber reality. Something no one ever imagined living, especially for those in towns closer to the Jersey Shore. The photos and videos being shared on the TV looked like they were from a horror movie. The number of deaths reported was more than our minds could process. Very soon, the magnitude of the damage and the needs began to emerge: millions without electricity, thousands of refugees in shelters outside their homes, lack of the most basic needs (drinking water, food, and clothing). Floods, massive damage to property, people had no heat - the list seemed endless. Back then, I was serving in Oasis UMC in Ple