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For Every Giant there is a Stone

Read in the Bible: 1 Samuel 17:32-47

Almost 5 years ago, our region was hit by Hurricane Sandy - an unprecedented storm for this generation here in NJ. For many, this was the first time they felt the force of the sea and the winds as it manifested during the afternoon and evening of that October 29th.

The day after the storm, we all woke up to new and somber reality. Something no one ever imagined living, especially for those in towns closer to the Jersey Shore. The photos and videos being shared on the TV looked like they were from a horror movie. The number of deaths reported was more than our minds could process.

Very soon, the magnitude of the damage and the needs began to emerge: millions without electricity, thousands of refugees in shelters outside their homes, lack of the most basic needs (drinking water, food, and clothing). Floods, massive damage to property, people had no heat - the list seemed endless.

Back then, I was serving in Oasis UMC in Pleasantville, a community that was highly impacted by the storm. One night, while I was driving home after 18 hours of work, I was miserable: I was cold, I was hungry, I was tired and overwhelmed by the needs of those impacted by the storm, I had a heart to heart conversation with God, and I asked: "Lord, how are we going to get out of this crisis, if it seems like a giant impossible to defeat". That night, I felt like the people of Israel when the Philistines came. I felt fear and uncertainty due to the gigantic challenges that we were facing in our community.

Just before I got home, I drove by a tiny little church, that even though suffered significant damage, managed to post a powerful message in their outdoor sign. This message changed my perspective and attitude on the whole thing and it has been a blessing in my life and ministry ever since. God, in his mercy, allowed me to take that route (which was not the usual) so that I could read those words of encouragement that said: "FOR EVERY GIANT ... THERE IS A STONE”.
The Bible passage in 1 Samuel 17:32-47, takes us to consider the encounter of David and Goliath. David, only a shepherd, found himself (without wanting or asking for it) in the center of one of Israel’s most remembered wars. The Philistine army had risen against the people of Israel and threatened to destroy them on the battlefield. Among the Philistine warriors, there was a man named Goliath, who was the most feared soldier in the whole region. His physical corpulence was such that the Bible refers to him as a GIANT - someone bigger, mightier and apparently better skilled and experienced than every Israeli soldier.

The Bible tells us that, in the face of the threat of the Philistine army and the giant Goliath, the Israelite were filled with fear - they did not know what to do or who to send to face this enemy. David, witnessing all this chaos, and remembering how on other occasions the Lord had helped him to overcome difficult situations in his work as a shepherd: lions ... bears ... wild beasts -  declared full of courage: "The Lord who delivered me from the claws of the lion and of the bear, will also deliver me from the power of that Philistine " and then offered to fight this mighty warrior.”

Once in the battlefield, when Goliath saw David, he mocked him, but David, full of confidence shouted: "You come against me with a sword, spear, and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel ... the battle is of the Lord - and GOD WILL GIVE ME THE VICTORY ". And we all know how the story ended – the giant, Goliath, met his stone, and was defeated.
Oftentimes in our lives, we experience situations as disciples of Jesus Christ, as clergy, as servant-leaders, like that of David. We are faced with giants that seem impossible to overcome. These giants come to us in many forms: problems in our own personal and family lives, health issues, and/or challenges in our ministry context (financial concerns, decline in attendance, a mission field that is rapidly and constantly changing), all, standing in the way of the vision that God has for us and the communities we are called to serve. I say “and/or” because sometimes they all hit us at the same time.

In those moments, like the people of Israel, the soldiers, and even king Saul, fear threatens to paralyze us and we feel discouraged, and at times, even hopeless. We lose confidence in who we are and what we can do, with God’s help. And sometimes, even if we don’t want to admit to it as leaders, we even lose perspective of God’s guiding presence in our lives and ministry.
We all face giants. We all face challenges. We all face situations that threaten to bring us down to our knees and discourage us. That’s a reality of life. While I don’t know the name of the giant(s) you are facing today in your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ, in your ministry or your role as a leader, I feel compelled by the Spirit to remind us all that: IN CHRIST, FOR EVERY GIANT ... THERE IS A STONE.

Something I learned that dark night, was that claiming this truth did not make the giants go away, some of them got even bigger. What happened that night when I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of this mighty promise from God was a change in attitude and how I approached the giants in front of me.

IN CHRIST, FOR EVERY GIANT ... THERE IS A STONE – and because for every giant there is a stone: like David, when faced with the challenges of life and ministry, instead of avoiding them, complaining or blaming others, the word today encourages us to face them head on, trusting God is with us, and will see us thru.

BECAUSE FOR EVERY GIANT ... THERE IS A STONE: like David, when faced with adversity, remember the moments where you have witnessed the power of God in your life, in your family, in your ministry, in your leadership (your lions ... your bears ...your wild beasts) and proclaim God’s faithfulness and declare, like David: "The Lord, who has delivered me in the past will deliver me today from the giants that stand in my way”.

BECAUSE FOR EVERY GIANT ... THERE IS A STONE: like David, be yourself. The best of what God intended you to be. David acknowledged he was not a soldier in the traditional sense, and when king Saul offered him the traditional war garments used by soldiers, he rejected them. It was not him – so be yourself. You are more than enough.

BECAUSE FOR EVERY GIANT... THERE IS A STONE: like David, always be open to the guidance of the Spirit in your leadership. The Spirit, who teaches us and helps us discern the best ways to overcome the challenges standing in the way of God’s vision for our lives and ministry. This most likely will require a different way of being and doing things (David did not fight Goliath in the same way he fought bears, he adapted to the challenge in front of him). It might require new learnings, new attitudes, new skills, or new strategies, which sometimes can be difficult to embrace, but is critical if we are going to fully live God’s vision of abundance and fruitfulness for our lives and the communities we serve today and into the future. It is doable, because God promises to provide the stone.

And before I forget, and no longer I assume about this when I speak with leaders in the church, both clergy and laity, always remember: "the battle is of the Lord - and GOD WILL GIVE YOU THE VICTORY". You can’t do this alone. Above all, we need God, and then we need others, encouraging, coaching, mentoring, and holding each other accountable when needed.
We all face giants. We all face challenges that seem impossible to overcome. Trust in the Lord. Always remember God’s faithfulness. Be yourself and open to the lead and guidance of the Spirit, FOR IN CHRIST, FOR EVERY GIANT ... THERE IS A STONE.


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